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We’re a hyper-specialized Payments & Embedded Finance agency advising growing brands, investors, and technology platforms
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About bnpl40

Embedded Fintech is convenient and more accessible when live on the platforms we already use.  But it is easy to simply lose focus.

Built by a former Klarna and PayPal Global Partnerships leader, bnpl40 is a leading alternative payments agency made up of accomplished product, engineering, rev ops, GTM, and partner marketing professionals focused on:
  • Advising brands on their embedded finance arrangements
  • Accelerating revenue from integrated partnerships
  • Weaponizing go-to-market strategies for Fintechs entering or evaluating the US market
  • Delivering hands-on product support for partners deploying integrated experiences within their platforms

bnpl40 Capabilities

Growing Brands

Be heard. Sell your product.
• Commerce Audit
• RFP Management
• Validate, Maximize, and Localize Implementation

Venture-backed Fintechs

Drive consistent results.
• SaaS Growth Advisory
• Accelerate Partnerships
• Partner Ops and Rev Ops

Platforms & Technology Partners

Monetize Integrated Partnerships.
• Tap Existing Partnerships
• UX Best Practices
• Flexible Credit Options and Category Growth